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Material Design WordPress Themes

Google has been hinting at releasing a Material Design CSS library!

Until then, I have been using to create some pretty cool Material Design WordPress themes.

I put together a little WordPress theme shop with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin over at to showcase the different Material Design themes available on the web right now.

So far I have created a couple premium Material Design themes and one free version. Here are some screenshots:







I can’t wait to see the Material Design CSS library that Google is suppose to release. I am sure this will spark even more Material Design websites.

Below is a tweet from Addy Osmani with a sneak peak of the Material Design navigation.

Stay tuned for more Material Design projects!

  • Hoshino Touko

    I love MaterialWP, thank you:) But I have a problem. When I use it, the title of the website would repeat twice. My wp version is 4.1.7. Thx

    • Have you tried using something like Yoast SEO to manage your titles?

      • Hoshino Touko

        Maybe no. Last year I used an SEO plugin and the same problem come up. I didn’t use SEO plugin after that.

  • अमरीश पाण्डेय

    I bought your theme, materialdesignwp portfolio theme,
    If u cud help me on follwing thinga i will be extremly grateful.

    1- how to stick the navigation menus while scrolling (same as it is in your mdlwp theme )
    2- in portfolio page how to change title text size , i want it to be smaller .
    3- in mobile flyout menus spaces between page links is too narrow.

    Thank you in advance

    • 1. The theme you purchased uses the Materialize framework. You will have to edit the theme files in order to make the navbar fixed. You can find the example code here:

      2 & 3. These are both CSS changes. I would recommend creating a child theme and adding your custom CSS styles.

      If you have any other questions, please send me an email. The comment section is not normally for support. Thanks

  • Craig Herrmann

    Hey Brad, I am new to WordPress and really like your Material themes. Will they load on the Genesis framework?