Lead Generation WordPress Themes

Lead Generation WordPress Themes

I have been doing a lot of digital marketing and lead generation for local businesses lately. A majority of the time, the business website I am working with is not optimized to capture leads.

I normally just see brochure type sites with general information about the business products/services with a contact page.

This doesn’t really do much for the business. They always wonder why their website isn’t generating any new business…

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WordPress Tutorials - HelpWP

WordPress Tutorials – HelpWP

With all the WordPress themes and related projects I put out of the web I get a lot of questions of how to do certain things and how to make certain changes/customizations.

I have had the domain helpwp.com for a while now and have always wanted to put it to use. So… I decided to create a website with video and written WordPress tutorials.

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Material Design WordPress Tutorials

How to build a Material Design WordPress Theme

I have built several WordPress themes with the different Material Design libraries and frameworks that are available online. It is fun to integrate these CSS and JS libraries into a WordPress theme and make everything work together nicely.  Normally you can just add the CSS and JS files into the theme, enqueue the scripts and styles, add a few classes to the WordPress theme files, and you are set. Other times it requires a little more work.

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Material Design Lead Generation

Material Design Lead Generation Theme

Recently, I have been doing a lot of Fort Worth internet marketing to help drive online traffic to local business owners websites. When I start new campaigns, I generally setup landing pages to help convert online traffic into business leads.  These pages are normally on the clients domain name, but I also setup little microsites around the business niche.

I use these small websites to target different keywords and take up more real estate in the search engine results.

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