How to make a Facebook iFrame Page

If you are trying to make a custom landing page on Facebook or a new Facebook tab on your business pages, follow the following steps. We use this process all the time when implementing our WordPress themes for Facebook pages that we have created. You can display any content you would like on your Facebook page by hosting the content on your server and setting up a Facebook tab.

It is time to create a Facebook iFrame app for your Facebook page

To create an iFrame app on Facebook you need the developer app. Go to Facebook and in the top search bar, search for “developer.” When you search for “developer” you will see the Facebook Developer App. Install this application on your Facebook account.

Facebook Developer App

Once you have the Developer App you can make the iFrame App for your Facebook page. Go to the developer app to create your new Facebook app.

On the next page click + Create New App

Create App

Fill in the App Display Name, agree to the terms, and fill out the CAPTCHA.

New Facebook App


You have just created a Facebook App! Now we just need to type in the settings to make your custom iFrame page.

Once you submit the CAPTCHA you will see the following page.

App Profile Page

At the bottom of this page you will want to click Page Tab.

Page Tab

This is the section you will want to put in the Tab Name and the URL to your hosted page/site that you are going to use for your Facebook iFrame page.

Page Tab URL is the URL to your site. The Secure Page Tab URL is now needed since Oct. 1

Once these setting are complete, click Save Changes

Now that the settings have been saved look in the left sidebar for View App Profile Page

View App

Once you click this link you will be taken to the App Profile page where you will be able to add the App to your Facebook page.

On this page, look in the left sidebar for the link that says Add to My Page

Add to page

After clicking Add to My Page a popup window will appear that will allow you to pick which Facebook page you would like to add your newly created iFrame tab too.

Add to page window

If you have several Facebook pages, select the page you would like your new Facebook app added too.

Once you add the app to your page, browse to the Facebook page you added the app to and look in the left sidebar of the page. You will notice that the app has been added to your page!