Material Design - Pinterest Layout

Material Design Masonry Layout

One of the most popular themes over at is PinStrap. Most people find it by looking for WordPress themes with a “Pinterest layout” or “Pinterest design”. Pinterest really made the masonry layout popular and a lot of people want the same design for their website.

Since material design has been gaining popularity, I thought it would be nice to integrate the masonry layout within the MDLWP WordPress theme.

I created it as a WordPress plugin to extend MDLWP. Once the plugin is enabled, you will have a new page template called Masonry. This page template will list all your website posts in a masonry layout. I also added an option to the WordPress customizer that will allow you to choose how many posts are displayed per page.

Overall, it is a nice plugin that adds some great functionality to MDLWP. If you want to learn more about the plugin and see a live demo, go here.

Let me know what you think!

  • Nhân Cổ

    Awesome plugin man.

  • Tim Kyarie

    I am trying to achieve the masonry layout on a front-page.php using the materialwp theme but am unable to. Any quick pointers on how to implement it? Kindly let me know.

    • Since I don’t really know what issues you are having the only pointer I would have would be to just follow the documentation of the JS script you are trying to use for the masonry layout.