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A StrapPress Surprise

If you have followed my online ventures over the last few years then you probably know about StrapPress. If not, where have you been? Just kidding.. but really..

StrapPress was my first WordPress theme based off the popular Bootstrap framework. The theme has changed a ton over the years based on user feedback and new Bootstrap features. StrapPress is really a great theme for those who want to use all the Bootstrap components in a WordPress theme.

Some people use StrapPress as-is and others use it as a parent theme to build a customized look and feel for their website(s). This brings me to why I wrote this post…

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a developer at an agency that uses StrapPress for their client sites. This is nothing new, I get TONS emails with questions about the different services and themes I offer on a weekly basis. The email normally includes the URL of the site that uses a theme in question so I can give advice or help with a feature.

This time was different.. I recognized the domain name.. It happened to be!
Jerry Springer

I thought this was really great. An emmy-winning celebrity uses a theme that I developed as the parent theme for his website.

But wait, there is more.. I replied back to the email saying how cool I thought it was that they decided to use StrapPress as their parent WordPress theme. He went on to mention that his agency has been using it for a while and shared a couple more domains.
Dan Patrick
Strappress - Rich Eisen

You might be thinking, “those look nothing like StrapPress”, and you would be correct. That is because StrapPress is used as the parent theme for the website. With WordPress, you can create what are called child themes that are based off of a theme(parent). This is exactly what the developers of these websites did. The only way you can tell that StrapPress is being used is to get a little nerdy and view the source code.

Rich Eisen Source Code

I take zero credit for the design or further development of the child theme. The work I put into StrapPress is the bones of these sites. This is a great reminder of what you can do with child themes.

I currently work for projekt202 and have been on a handful of global brand projects, but it is also nice to see a theme that I have put countless hours of work into get used on such great domains and projects from different people/agencies.

On to the next!