Online Reputation Management

In 2010, Brag Interactive was contacted by the CEO of Sensibill to do contract work to remove a negative search engine listing from the major search engines. An ex-employee of Sensibill had written an article on a website called that would show up in search results when a user searched for the keyword “Sensibill” (see screenshot). Brag Interactive knew that this negative article in the search engine results for the company’s brand was a burden and could potentially hurt any new leads that were researching Sensibill. The owner of Sensibill also wanted a new website that would fulfill her business needs and goals.


  1. Remove negative search engine listing from Google and other major search engines.
  2. Increase search engine/organic traffic.
  3. Implement new web site for that included the features and functionality the CEO needed for her clients.
  4. Replace all the flash pieces with jQuery for better user experience on any device.


Online Reputation Management

Brag Interactive put an online reputation management strategy in place to control the search engine result pages (SERPs) when the keyword “Sensibill” was searched. Our strategy proved to be a great success and at one point the negative listing was deep in the SERPs. As with search engine optimization, if you don’t keep working at controlling the SERPs for your company name, then the negative listings will creep back into the first couple pages of the search results.

Once the new web design was implemented and the negative result was off the first page of the search results, our contract work was finished. Brag Interactive showed the CEO and several employees of the company the work required to keep the listing off the first page and the CEO decided the tasks could be done in-house.

Web Development

Brag Interactive decided to use an open source content management system (CMS) to power the new Sensbill website. This allowed the employees without technical knowledge to add, update, or edit any of the content on the website. The new website also included some new bells and whistles that provided a better user experience across all devices.

The old Sensibill website used flash for both the logo and homepage slideshow. This was state of the art when the website was first created, but today there are better options to display the same interactive content. Today, you also get to place top links in your websites, so that the SEO aspect is also taken care of. Brag Interactive took the flash logo and made it into an animated GIF and also made a jQuery homepage slider and navigation for both user experience and on-site optimization. The employees of Sensibill can now add news articles and events to the website without having to contact a web developer. User registration and permissions were also features included in the new web design and implementation.


Overall, our online reputation strategy was a success and depending on the in-house work of Sensibill, if you search the keyword “Sensibill” in any search engine you more than likely will not see the negative result from Brag Interactive’s experience with search engine optimization and the knowledge on how search engines determine where to place listings was a key factor in removing the negative listing.

The new web design is a great new look and the CEO and employees of Sensibill enjoy how easy it is to manage and update. Organic traffic has increased dramatically and more pages are being indexed by all search engines.

Old Sensibill Website

New Sensibill Website

ORM Case Study

Online Reputation Management – Case Study

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