Search Engine Optimization

In 2010, Brag Interactive did some search engine optimization work for a company called Cowboy Predator Hunts. Joey, the owner of the company wanted people to find his company while searching the internet for “Texas Predator Hunts.”


  1. Drive organic traffic to
  2. On-site and off-site search engine optimization
  3. Brand awareness


Search Engine Optimization

A SEO strategy was put in place that drove a tremendous amount of traffic to Cowboy Predator Hunts. Our team did research and found the best places for the owner to be active and promote his business. We found forums and blogs that were willing to promote Cowboy Predator Hunts and had the owner write news articles about his business.
After researching the best places to advertise and promote the Cowboy Predator Hunts website, we used our prior SEO knowledge to build incoming links and climb the rankings of the major search engines. Our team only did a three month SEO campaign for the owner of Cowboy Predator Hunts and our results were outstanding!


For only a three month SEO campaign, the owner of Cowboy Predator Hunts was very satisfied. Our team was able to get the website to the #1 position on Yahoo and Bing and on the first page of the results on Google. If you do not keep working on your SEO strategy, your ranking will suffer. We no longer are working on this SEO campaign for Cowboy Predator Hunts, so if you do a search for “Texas Predator Hunts” on any of the major search engine and their page ranking does not match the statement above, please do not hold it against us. With that said, please take a look at the screenshots throughout this case study.

If you are looking to drive organic traffic to your website or have questions about SEO, feel free to contact Brag Interactive.


Since this case study, we have created a website dedicated to our search engine optimization campaigns. You can view the site by going to Fort Worth SEO.