Free Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Update: This post is 5+ years old. I have a ton of free Bootstrap related themes and products out on the web. Check out my GithHub page to download some free Bootstrap starter WordPress themes. I also have a course that goes over how to integrate Bootstrap into WordPress themes. You can check it out over at

When Bootstrap was released, I thought it would be neat if all these features were integrated into a WordPress theme. The Bootstrap toolkit has all kinds of great features:

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites.
It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.

The first version of this WordPress theme utilizes the Bootstrap toolkit and it is pretty slick. It includes widget areas for the homepage, footer, and sidebar. We also included the custom menu functionality and breadcrumbs on each page. You can use all the forms, layouts, tables, alerts, javascript, and all the included features that are in the Bootstrap toolkit.

With the next release of this theme, we plans to put all the Bootstrap toolkit features into shortcodes to make the theme even more user friendly.

Let us know what you think about the theme in the comment section below!

  • Great theme, how we can show only a excerpt on the blog posts index automaticaly?

    And a thumbnail for the featured image too, i like your work on that.

  • Vivek

    Just saw BootStrap for the first time yesterday and thought there might be some WP implementation of it too and on googling i found out yours was the best ! thanks for this theme 

  • Why disable the mobile features bootstrap had? ._.

    • This was the first version of bootstrap that wasnt responsive. I am working on a new WordPress theme that is responsive.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the work done, very useful and necessary thing. I signed upyesterday to download the theme, but the post I did not come. Tell me how to download it?

    • You check your spam? All download links have been sent.

  • Anonymous

    I submitted my user info thrice didn’t receive any email how do I download this theme? 

    • All emails have been sent out. Make sure to check you spam folder. Let me know if you are still having problems.

  • Does this theme work with 3.3.1 ?  The theme shows up broken in the dashboard, activates, but not working (blank pages). 

    • Yes, the demo is running 3.3.1. I would recommend deactivate your plugins or re-uploading the theme.

  • Is there any documentation on using the Portfolio templates?  I would be really interested to make use of that function, instead of using a 3rd party plugin.

    • I wasn’t finished with the portfolio functionality when I released the free theme… Sorry! I am working on StrapPress V2 that will include a custom post type that can be used as a portfolio and a lot of other features. Responsive layout too!

      I will keep everyone updated.  

  • Dharma Kelleher

    Nice job. 

  • clsimco

    Hi Brad

    I really like the results of the work and effort you have put into this theme. Especially the grandchild in the drop-downs and that the top level nav with children is a real clickable link. Great choice.

    Q. I want to make a child theme. Can’t seem to get it to show up in admin/ themes. Done the usual…. folder named StrapPress-child, style.css w/ Theme Name: StrapPress Child in top comment. Did you build in child functionality? Something like a line I add in another place?

    Thanks for your consideration, and again for your work.

    • cicimco,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am actually almost done with the second version of StrapPress and it has a lot more to offer. It includes a lot more functionality. I will look into making it child theme friendly since the first version doesn’t support child themes.

      Thanks again

      • After looking more into child themes it doesnt seem you have to do anything special to the parent theme.

        • clsimco

          Thanks Brad, I checked into that same resource as well just to see if I was missing something, but still cannot get the theme to register and recognize a child theme. have you tried setting up a simple child theme with this version? That would tell me that it is me that is missing something if you can create a child. (theme that is, wink)

          As well I really look forward to seeing what you come up with in the next version.

          Thanks again for sharing your work and your time. 

          • I will look into it. Until then, I would recommend just editing the theme files to fit your needs. As of now I don’t plan to make any changes to the free theme, so there shouldn’t be any updated theme files for that bootstrap theme version. 

  • friiitz

    In the free theme I can’t find any shortcodes in the functions.php or any related file. Are they only available with the premium version?

  •  I would sweat my categories in the nav instead of using page. how to do this? My classes have children, it is possible to open these children in a dropdown?very tnks

  •  I have been wanting to learn about bootstrap. Combining it with WordPress is an excellent idea.

  • Verza123

    that’s great bro!!

  • Katie Alllred

    I would like this theme. How do I get it?

  • Colour Me Web & Graphics

    Hi Brad I would like to use this bootstrap theme, I have registered but I havent recieved the downloads yet?