Free Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Update: This post is 5+ years old. I have a ton of free Bootstrap related themes and products out on the web. Check out my GithHub page to download some free Bootstrap starter WordPress themes. I also have a course that goes over how to integrate Bootstrap into WordPress themes. You can check it out over at

When Bootstrap was released, I thought it would be neat if all these features were integrated into a WordPress theme. The Bootstrap toolkit has all kinds of great features:

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites.
It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.

The first version of this WordPress theme utilizes the Bootstrap toolkit and it is pretty slick. It includes widget areas for the homepage, footer, and sidebar. We also included the custom menu functionality and breadcrumbs on each page. You can use all the forms, layouts, tables, alerts, javascript, and all the included features that are in the Bootstrap toolkit.

With the next release of this theme, we plans to put all the Bootstrap toolkit features into shortcodes to make the theme even more user friendly.

Let us know what you think about the theme in the comment section below!