Brag Interactive went Responsive

So unless you live under a rock or are just out of the loop on web design/development then you have probably heard of responsive websites. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will explain.

Responsive web designs use CSS media queries to display different CSS styles depending on the user’s screen resolution/width. This means that when someone visits your website, they will see a different website layout depending on the device they are browsing the web on. A lot of people are making responsive sites so their same web design will display and look good on mobile phones, tablets, and even desktop browsers.

Our new design isn’t perfect yet and still has some bugs to work out for cross-browser compatibility, but it is a good start. For responsive designs not only are you using a lot of different CSS media queries, but you end up using jQuery to get everything perfect on every device and browser.

Next, we plan to use the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit to make a premium WordPress theme with all the Bootstrap goodies. This premium theme will also be responsive and have a ton of shortcodes and theme options. Stay tuned.