WordPress Tutorials - HelpWP

WordPress Tutorials – HelpWP

With all the WordPress themes and related projects I put out of the web I get a lot of questions of how to do certain things and how to make certain changes/customizations.

I have had the domain helpwp.com for a while now and have always wanted to put it to use. So… I decided to create a website with video and written WordPress tutorials.

I already have a premium course that goes over how to build WordPress themes with the Bootstrap framework, so I am going to use HelpWP.com to cover all kinds of other WordPress related questions.

As of now, I have a backlog of tutorial topics that I would like to cover. These are mostly questions that I receive from customers and current theme users. After my backlog of WordPress tutorials have been completed and posted on HelpWP, I will move to other topics.

If you are having an issue with your WordPress theme or have a questions, feel free to submit a tutorial suggestion on HelpWP.com.

The end goal would be to create tutorials on how to successfully use WordPress for lead generation. Freelancers, agencies, small business owners, and just about anyone are putting up WordPress websites on a daily basis hoping to find an audience or new customers. The problem is a lot of these sites are terrible.

These sites are just being put up without any testing or research on what the target audience wants and needs. With the tutorials on HelpWP I hope to share what I have learned to create and publish WordPress sites that convert.

That is why you have your business website right?