Free Facebook iFrame Template

We just recently made a page to give away our FREE Facebook iFrame template. You can download it by clicking the image in the left sidebar or going here.

Once you download the Facebook iFrame template and your are on the mailing lists, we will email you Facebook and internet marketing tools, tips, hints, and resources. These emails will include various guides on popular social networks and even resources on how to make money with internet resources.
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Using WordPress for Facebook iFrame page. Awesome!

Update: You can now buy the premium version of this theme. If you are interested please go to WordPress Facebook.

Yay, it is finally here! A fully customizable WordPress site for your Facebook iFrame page. We have created a WordPress theme that fits perfectly in the Facebook iFrame applications. This means you can create a mini-website/blog right on your Facebook page! Pretty exciting news. The theme has several great features and we will continue to add more and create new themes. Right now we are offering a FREE Facebook WordPress theme with hosting for anyone who is interested in taking their fan page to the next level. Some things you can do with this WordPress Facebook theme:
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How to add Facebook iFrame page + free iFrame template

Just like we promised, Brag Interactive now has a free Facbook iFrame template you can download for free. All that we ask is you please “Like” Brag Interactive on Facebook. Once you like our fan page you will be able to download the Facebook iFrame template we created. You can make any changes and customizations to fit your needs.

Head over to our Facebook page and check it out. The download has a PDF on how to add the Facebook iFrame page to your profile. If you don’t have a program to open a PDF file, you can following the steps below.

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