Using WordPress for Facebook iFrame page. Awesome!

Update: You can now buy the premium version of this theme. If you are interested please go to WordPress Facebook.

Yay, it is finally here! A fully customizable WordPress site for your Facebook iFrame page. We have created a WordPress theme that fits perfectly in the Facebook iFrame applications. This means you can create a mini-website/blog right on your Facebook page! Pretty exciting news. The theme has several great features and we will continue to add more and create new themes. Right now we are offering a FREE Facebook WordPress theme with hosting for anyone who is interested in taking their fan page to the next level. Some things you can do with this WordPress Facebook theme:

  • manage your Facebook page content from the WordPress administrator panel
  • create and style pages, post, and content without having to write code
  • upload images, video, and audio to use on your Facebook page
  • create a blog for your Facebook page
  • …and so much more…


As many of you might know, Facebook is phasing out FBML and has introduced iFrames. This is great news for business owners and marketers looking to interact with fans and potential customers on your Facebook page. When we heard the news, we created a FREE Facebook iFrame template and tutorial on how to set up the iFrame application on your Facebook page!

New WordPress to Facebook iFrame theme

The WordPress theme for Facebook has many great built in features. We are working hard to bring you more styles and functionality, but out of the box this theme has some great features. For those of you that are familiar with WordPress, you know that you can make pages and posts for your blog extremely easy with the WordPress administrator panel. Now you can get all the WordPress features on your Facebook page.

It’s easy, there are only 4 steps to get your Facebook page looking better than ever. All you need to do is:

  1. Use the button below to share this page on your Twitter or Facebook account. This will give you access to your FREE WordPress site and theme for Facebook.
  2. Register for your FREE WordPress theme. This will give you access to the WordPress administration panel so you can manage your Facebook page.
  3. Follow the included instructions on how to set up the WordPress theme on your Facebook Page. This will show you how to set up a Facebook iFrame application.
  4. Make your Facebook page look awesome!

That’s it! If this is something that interest you, then use the button below to register your very own WordPress site for Facebook. All we are asking is that you share our offer on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and you will then receive a link to register your WordPress Facebook site all for FREE.

Get your free WordPress site for Facebook now!

Use the button below to share this page on Twitter or Facebook. Once this page is shared, you will be directed to a link to start your very own WordPress blog for your Facebook page.

Live Demo

You can see the theme in action on our Facebook page here. Don’t forget to become a fan!


Here are some examples we put together of what could be done with your page. You can use any colors and upload any content you would like for your Facebook iFrame page!

WordPress on FacebookWordPress on FacebookWordPress on FacebookWordPress on FacebookWordPress on FacebookBlog on Facebook

For people that would like to host their own instance of WordPress and would like to use the Facebook Theme we have created, please contact us. We can also provide a premium theme without branding and more styles and functionality to interested individuals.

Stay tuned for more themes and updates!

Update: You can now buy the premium version of this theme. If you are interested please go to WordPress Facebook.