Free Facebook iFrame Template

We just recently made a page to give away our FREE Facebook iFrame template. You can download it by clicking the image in the left sidebar or going here.

Once you download the Facebook iFrame template and your are on the mailing lists, we will email you Facebook and internet marketing tools, tips, hints, and resources. These emails will include various guides on popular social networks and even resources on how to make money with internet resources.

Here are some email topics you can expect to see in your inbox:

  • Get targeted Facebook “Likes” and Twitter fans fast
  • Integrate WordPress into Facebook Pages
  • Resources to destroy Facebook scrollbars and page height rescritions
  • Using social media to drive sales and foot traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • YouTube video marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • and more!

We are also working on more Facebook iFrame designs. Our email list will be the first notified and will have an opportunity to get that complete package for a special price! =)

Sneak Peak

Facebook iFrame Sneak Peek