Facebook Fan Page Tips

Having a Facebook fan page that converts your Facebook fans into customers is important. In this post we will go over some tips for your Facebook fan page. To start you need to have a fun, interactive, and engaging fan page. This means you can’t just use the Facebook wall as the default landing page. Having your wall be the default landing page doesn’t have an obvious call to action for the new visitors. You really need a custom landing page that gets new visitors to “like” your page. Once the user likes your page you can offer them a discount or coupon for your product or service.

Getting new visitors to like your business or brand page is one of the most important processes becuase once they become a fan of your page, your status updates will show up in their news feed. This will keep your fans returning to your Facebook page and interacting with your brand. To get people to like your page when they land on your Facebook page requires that your business build a custom landing page with a strong call to action for the user to click the “like” button. Many business will offer an incentive for liking their page. These businesses will give a discount or something away for free. This is a good way of capturing fans at a fast rate.

Once your page has fans don’t just advertise and push people to buy and use your products, instead post content that relates to your business and is interesting. Ask questions and get your fans to engage and join the conversation.  Check out some of the leading social brands that have Facebook fan pages and study them. There is a reason why they have millions of fans over other businesses and brands that are the same size with the same marketing budgets. Look at brands like RedBull, Starbucks, and Oreo to see how they are engaging with their fan base and getting people to “like” their page before you can view their content.

Overview of Facebook fan page tips:

  1. Don’t use the wall as the default landing page
  2. Create a custom landing page with a strong call to action
  3. Post frequently
  4. Engage and start conversations
  5. Update, Update, Update
I know this was a brief post and just touched a few important points. We are busy creating a new Facebook fan page product for our current readers,users of the free fan page template, and WordPressFacebook.com theme buyers. We have been working very hard on the new features and will be rolling out the new product very soon. Stay tuned!
Until then, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section below.