Updated Portfolio: Twitter Bootstrap Projects

Since I launched BragThemes.com, a Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme shop, people reach out for custom Twitter Bootstrap work and theme development pretty often. Some of the requests are just add-ons to my current themes and others are completely new, exciting projects.

I love working with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, so I normally help the individuals out or take on the tasks. Recently, the guys over at Moboom contacted me looking for some Twitter Bootstrap website templates for their new content management system (CMS). I haven’t got the chance to check out the CMS yet, but I am told it is built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework!

Anyway, I got to work on some designs for the Moboom team. They gave me some direction on the niche they wanted to target, but other than that I was free to use and come up with ideas to use for the website templates.

Here is a screen shot of the first template I came up with:

The second design is for the photography niche:
Bootstrap Photo Template

Music was the next niche we wanted to target and came up with the following design:

The most recent design we completed is great for landing pages and online campaigns. We developed the page around the latest Samsung phone.

A majority of the designs have more than one page and include all kinds of features and functionality. You can see all the Twitter Bootstrap projects in the portfolio section and also see the live demos.

If you haven’t worked with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, you should check it out! It is really fun to use and is a great starting point for any online project.