Bootstrap WordPress Themes

We have been very busy lately building WordPress themes that utilize the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit. Our first responsive WordPress theme was very popular and got a lot of attention, so we decided to start building other Bootstrap WordPress themes. We even started a dedicated site that offers our WordPress themes, Brag Themes.

As of now, we offer three WordPress themes on Brag Themes that are all responsive and utilize the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit. We have several other themes in development and all kinds of ideas for WordPress themes to keep us busy for a long time. On top of our premium Bootstrap WordPress themes, we are still offering our free Bootstrap WordPress theme that you can download. If you download the free version and are looking for more features and functionality, you should really consider looking into some of the premium themes on Brag Themes.

The themes on Brag Themes include a ton shortcodes, page templates, and custom post types to display other types of content within your WordPress blog. All the themes on Brag Themes, as of now, are also responsive. This means they will resize that fit mobile phone browsers and all kinds of other screen sizes.

We have a lot of plans for Brag Themes, so stay tuned and look out for more great WordPress themes.