Why a Facebook presence is so important!

Facebook has recently introduced iFrame applications to Facebook which took the place of FBML for Facebook pages. With Facebook iFrames you can now embed all kinds of content and all kinds of web content straight into Facebook pages. This is interesting and makes me wonder if companies and brands will even need a website on their own domain anymore…

Lets face it, everyone and their dog is on Facebook these days. If you run a business and you are not on Facebook, then you are missing out on potential leads and new business development. Once a Facebook user “likes” your Facebook page, you have the ability to actively communicate and keep your brand in sight via the Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook is a destination URL and Facebook users are spending 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook! That is a huge number and some of that time a user spends on Facebook could be interacting with your brand. I am predicting as people are getting more and more involved in social networks and websites like Facebook are becoming more popular that a web presence for your business is going to get less important. Instead, your business is going to have to be more active in social networks and develop applications that allow users to interactive with your brand on these social networks.

A business website is going to be one of the last places a user looks for your products/service. This is because they are going to be able to see what their friends/social community think about all the products/service in your niche. This is scary to think about because you can’t just hire a SEO specialists to get your website ranked for terms that produce the highest conversions. People aren’t going to care about your garbage sales copy with all your testimonials from people they dont even know or care about.

The only way to get visibility on the internet is going to be through social networks and your social presence. We are already seeing Google start to rank pages based on many social media factors. Facebook just patented a new way of searching the web.

Search results, including sponsored links and algorithmic search results, are generated in response to a query, and are marked based on frequency of clicks on the search results by members of social network who are within a predetermined degree of separation from the member who submitted the query. The markers are visual tags and comprise either a text string or an image.

This is pretty much describing a new social search technology. As stated above Google has already started to make changes to include listings based off social networks. So what are you waiting for? Get on every social network you can possibly sign up on. Start with the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And whether we like it or not, an abundance of followers on social media platforms equals credibility. If you’re having trouble getting noticed on a platform like Instagram. There’s plenty of companies such as Upleap, where you can buy Instagram followers to boost your credibility. Once you have a social presence learn how to convert your friends and followers into paying customers.

Stay tuned for more social media strategies and optimization techniques.