Internet Marketing – Does Even Care?

Update: 2015 – This post has been sitting as a draft in my Dashboard for 2 years. I decided to edit it a bit and publish. All content still relevant.. Typos/grammar = Love.  Enjoy.

If you live in DFW area there is no doubt that you have heard of the Star-Telegram. It is a great source of local news and is owned by the second largest newspaper company in the United States (McClatchy). We all know how subscription based printed media has been struggling the last 5+ years. Due to this issue, companies like McClatcy look to use their online presence to make up this loss in revenue.

This is great, I just believe the way is trying to make money online could be accomplished in a smarter, more effective way for both the company and for their online visitors. For exmaple, more traffic can be garnered by taking the help of SEO Cyprus and other guest post outreach services to get higher traffic on a website.

This post is going to go over how I personally would run the digital marketing and position the Star-Telegram web presence to bring in more revenue and increase traffic without all the ads you are currently bombarded with.

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Material Design - Pinterest Layout

Material Design Masonry Layout

One of the most popular themes over at is PinStrap. Most people find it by looking for WordPress themes with a “Pinterest layout” or “Pinterest design”. Pinterest really made the masonry layout popular and a lot of people want the same design for their website.

Since material design has been gaining popularity, I thought it would be nice to integrate the masonry layout within the MDLWP WordPress theme.

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Updated Portfolio: Twitter Bootstrap Projects

Since I launched, a Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme shop, people reach out for custom Twitter Bootstrap work and theme development pretty often. Some of the requests are just add-ons to my current themes and others are completely new, exciting projects.

I love working with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, so I normally help the individuals out or take on the tasks. Recently, the guys over at Moboom contacted me looking for some Twitter Bootstrap website templates for their new content management system (CMS). I haven’t got the chance to check out the CMS yet, but I am told it is built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework!

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Free Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

PinStrap is a responsive WordPress theme that I give away for free over at BragThemes. I built it while playing around with a relatively new jQuery plugin called Woomark. The theme also uses ajax to load new items as you scroll down the homepage like Pinterest.

PinStrap also includes the Twitter Bootstrap framework so you can use all the CSS and jQuery goodies. Since we launched the theme, people have been downloading it like crazy! The first day is was downloaded around 200+ times.

If you want to run your own little Pinterest style website, Pinstrap is a great solution.

Bootstrap WordPress Themes

We have been very busy lately building WordPress themes that utilize the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit. Our first responsive WordPress theme was very popular and got a lot of attention, so we decided to start building other Bootstrap WordPress themes. We even started a dedicated site that offers our WordPress themes, Brag Themes.
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Finding a Fort Worth Web Developer

Brag Interactive loves to spend our free time learning and developing new things on the web. Today, we want to let you know about a new Fort Worth related website that we have developed to help the local residents find a Fort Worth web developer and or marketer. Normally someone looking for a freelance web designer or agency to develop their online marketing strategy have to shop around themselves to fit the best fit. This can take a lot of time and be a pain! We have all heard of the person that uses the family nerd or the featureless web service that doesn’t fit your needs or timeframe.

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Brag Interactive went Responsive

So unless you live under a rock or are just out of the loop on web design/development then you have probably heard of responsive websites. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will explain.

Responsive web designs use CSS media queries to display different CSS styles depending on the user’s screen resolution/width. This means that when someone visits your website, they will see a different website layout depending on the device they are browsing the web on. A lot of people are making responsive sites so their same web design will display and look good on mobile phones, tablets, and even desktop browsers.
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Creating a Shortcode Toggle for WordPress

We are creating a website that has a FAQ section and I feel the best way to arrange questions and answers is with a toggle. Here is an example:

[toggle title=”Here is an example Question”]Here is the example answer. [/toggle]

I was looking around the web for some example code and I found this website. They give you all the code for your functions.php, stylesheet.css, and some jQuery to put in your header.php file, but it doesn’t work. It seems they left some code out of the functions.php code.
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