Free Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Update: This post is 5+ years old. I have a ton of free Bootstrap related themes and products out on the web. Check out my GithHub page to download some free Bootstrap starter WordPress themes. I also have a course that goes over how to integrate Bootstrap into WordPress themes. You can check it out over at

When Bootstrap was released, I thought it would be neat if all these features were integrated into a WordPress theme. The Bootstrap toolkit has all kinds of great features:

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites.
It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.

The first version of this WordPress theme utilizes the Bootstrap toolkit and it is pretty slick. It includes widget areas for the homepage, footer, and sidebar. We also included the custom menu functionality and breadcrumbs on each page. You can use all the forms, layouts, tables, alerts, javascript, and all the included features that are in the Bootstrap toolkit.
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How to make a Google+ page

Yesterday, Google gave Google+ users access to pages! This is big news in the social media world for businesses and brands. If you are familiar with Google+ you know that you can add people to circles,+1 posts, and interact with other Google+ users on the social platform. Well now you can do everything with Google+ pages. This post will show you how to create a Google+ page and go over some of the page features.

When we read that Google+ started allowing the creation of pages on their social network, we decide to make a Fort Worth page. This was more than likely the first Fort Worth page on Google+! We will use this page as our example in this post.
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How to make a Facebook iFrame Page

If you are trying to make a custom landing page on Facebook or a new Facebook tab on your business pages, follow the following steps. We use this process all the time when implementing our WordPress themes for Facebook pages that we have created. You can display any content you would like on your Facebook page by hosting the content on your server and setting up a Facebook tab.

It is time to create a Facebook iFrame app for your Facebook page

To create an iFrame app on Facebook you need the developer app. Go to Facebook and in the top search bar, search for “developer.” When you search for “developer” you will see the Facebook Developer App. Install this application on your Facebook account.
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WordPress themes for Facebook iFrame

Brag Interactive is proud to announce our next round of WordPress themes for Facebook iFrames. This time we have packed in all kinds of features and functionality into the 7 WordPress themes we are offering. We’ve been on, understood how the best hosting services work and have tried emulating these themes to get the maximum functionality.

Click here to view the Demos now!

Here are a few screenshots of the new themes.

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Facebook Fan Page Tips

Having a Facebook fan page that converts your Facebook fans into customers is important. In this post we will go over some tips for your Facebook fan page. To start you need to have a fun, interactive, and engaging fan page. This means you can’t just use the Facebook wall as the default landing page. Having your wall be the default landing page doesn’t have an obvious call to action for the new visitors. You really need a custom landing page that gets new visitors to “like” your page. Once the user likes your page you can offer them a discount or coupon for your product or service.

Getting new visitors to like your business or brand page is one of the most important processes becuase once they become a fan of your page, your status updates will show up in their news feed. This will keep your fans returning to your Facebook page and interacting with your brand. To get people to like your page when they land on your Facebook page requires that your business build a custom landing page with a strong call to action for the user to click the “like” button. Many business will offer an incentive for liking their page. These businesses will give a discount or something away for free. This is a good way of capturing fans at a fast rate.
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Free Facebook iFrame Template

We just recently made a page to give away our FREE Facebook iFrame template. You can download it by clicking the image in the left sidebar or going here.

Once you download the Facebook iFrame template and your are on the mailing lists, we will email you Facebook and internet marketing tools, tips, hints, and resources. These emails will include various guides on popular social networks and even resources on how to make money with internet resources.
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Why a Facebook presence is so important!

Facebook has recently introduced iFrame applications to Facebook which took the place of FBML for Facebook pages. With Facebook iFrames you can now embed all kinds of content and all kinds of web content straight into Facebook pages. This is interesting and makes me wonder if companies and brands will even need a website on their own domain anymore…

Lets face it, everyone and their dog is on Facebook these days. If you run a business and you are not on Facebook, then you are missing out on potential leads and new business development. Once a Facebook user “likes” your Facebook page, you have the ability to actively communicate and keep your brand in sight via the Facebook newsfeed.

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Using WordPress for Facebook iFrame page. Awesome!

Update: You can now buy the premium version of this theme. If you are interested please go to WordPress Facebook.

Yay, it is finally here! A fully customizable WordPress site for your Facebook iFrame page. We have created a WordPress theme that fits perfectly in the Facebook iFrame applications. This means you can create a mini-website/blog right on your Facebook page! Pretty exciting news. The theme has several great features and we will continue to add more and create new themes. Right now we are offering a FREE Facebook WordPress theme with hosting for anyone who is interested in taking their fan page to the next level. Some things you can do with this WordPress Facebook theme:
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